August News

24 August 2015

I’m very excited to announce that the Toyota Star Maker album is finally complete.

The recordingprocess was quite exhausting for me, because I had such a big part in forming the arrangements and playing many of the instruments, but the beautiful location of the Vault Studio on the Balmain waterfront made it a very comfortable and creatively relaxing environment to work. Thank you to Sean Rudd for all your hard work, and for all the musicians who played on the record. We were excited that the first single held the number one spot on the country i-tunes charts for a few days,and hung around the top ten for almost a week!


During the past month, I was invited to be involved in Australian School’s Tree Day with one of our schools in Bathurst. On the Sunday of National Tree day, I was away playing a gig out at Newbridge NSW, so although I wasn’t able to make it to any community tree plantings on the day, I decided to take national tree day to my gig. I bought a bunch of trees from Bunnings, loaded them in the back of the Rav 4 and took them out to the venue where kids and families helped me to plant them around the venue. I think there is something really special about planting a tree with your family or friends, because it marks a moment in time that will live on for a lifetime, in some cases, even longer. I remember planting trees around our property with my parents and grandparents as a kid, and when I drive past the trees even to this day, I’m always reminded of the day we planted them together. I think Toyota sponsor a wonderful event with National Tree day, and for those that have never been involved, I highly recommend getting out and planting a tree with your family when you get a chance, one day you will be very glad you did.


This month I’ve travelled alot! I flew to Canada for a run of shows in Alberta including one of North America’s biggest country music festivals Big Valley Jamboree. It’s the third time I’ve played this particular festival, but I was especially excited this year, having shared the bill with some of my country music heros including Brad Paisley, Reba McEntrie and Lady Antebellum. The festival gig was amazing, we played to around 10,000 people and many had come to see my show for the second or third time.


I had a week of meetings in Calgary as I plan for a Canadian tour next year, but I did get one day off where I drove to Bamff and went hiking in the Rocky Mountains. I was excited to have snapped a very unusually photo to send to Toyota, where I’m sitting on top of Sulphar Mountain and a wild chipmunk climbed my body and sat on top of my ‘LandCruiser Country’ cap. It may because my first ever Cassette was ‘Alvin and the Chipmunks’ and I secretly wanted to join their band, I’m but my chipmunk encounter was probably my favourite moment of the trip.


Aside from overseas shows, I’ve been very busy gigging around Australia in between recording days, including a trip to Cairns with Tania Kernaghan, and opening shows with Beccy Cole and Libby O’Donavan on the Sweet Rebecca tour around QLD, NSW and NT.


I look forward to releasing my debut album ‘Unleashed’ at the Gympie Muster this month, and look forward to writing my next diary entry when it is out!

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